Friday, April 3, 2015

Mandarin - 神与加百利 20150402 你个人的改变会反射到集体中‍

TAUK Messages

神与加百利 20150402 你个人的改变会反射到集体中

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. We know you have been feeling this message coming through over the past few days. [I have! I’ve caught myself whispering thoughts about it under my breath, not realizing it but knowing an understanding of something lovely wanted to come through. I’m all ears, if you would like to clarify the whisperings.] We would. The thoughts you were whispering about were the observations that humanity is so much closer in making a leap into something that will solidify all that is an illusion. We play with those words.

We use the word “solidify” only in the meaning  of “clarity”.

So, here We go:  Each person on the planet is experiencing noticeable changes within themselves. Some may notice they are craving lighter and healthier food. Or they may notice they no longer want or feel good when they eat food they use to. Your grown kids recently had a quiet celebration that their childhood cereal was back on the shelf at the grocery. But once they ate some, felt very, very heavy and unwell. It can be like that.

Others may be noticing they no longer want to hold grudges or ill will towards those who they have clashed with in the past. To “be” in the lower energy of hate is so off putting they unconsciously raise the white flag of forgiveness. They then instantly “feel” better.Some are allowing thoughts of inclusion to balance out the frequency over thoughts of separation or unfairness towards individuals.

All of this is being brought to the surface so that each person can guide themselves through a sifting of human experience. The old paradigms of third dimensional life are truly being felt at the core of humanity. This is felt as an individual thought at first. You, Suzanne, may crave Kombacha to drink. Now you have giggled that even 6 months ago you turned up your nose to the vinegar-y taste. Now you can’t imagine not starting your morning with out the drink and the pro-biotic it gives your body.  This is just one example that you have noticed and addressed.

But like you, each person, realizing it or not is doing a statistical inner calculation of what thoughts hold water and what ones no longer feel right to them. Some may hold tightly to duality. “I like debating and stirring the pot!” But so many others are walking into a diner or work place and seeing the beauty of those other souls that occupy their space. They may crave to be outside in nature, exercising their body when they have let the body just be baggage they carried around for years. Others are feeling like the coincidences of  books and topics on spirituality are popping up all over. Perhaps three people mention to you an author or process to learn that assists your spiritual growth. Others feel an  intense knowing that they are here to serve humanity in some way and are seeking clarification. You see this often in your QHHT sessions.
So what we want to share with you is this:  Each little inkling that each individual acknowledges is a reflection to the grand changes happening on our planet now. What is noticed “within” is occurring in the collective. Each soul walking the earth is a radio tower of frequency. Be mindful of your frequency broadcast. Play with sending feelings of joy and love to someone else. See how they react. Send those feelings of joy and love to yourself! Have an internal party of gratitude and watch as the illusion of duality slips away.


翻译:Nick Chan

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